Poiema Headspace
Poiema Headspace
Poiema Headspace
Poiema Headspace
Poiema Headspace
Poiema Headspace
Poiema Headspace
Poiema Headspace

Poiema Headspace

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Instantly Soothe Stress & Aches With 100% Natural Aromatherapy, On-The-Go

  • Convenient Personal Wellness Boost

  • Roll-On Application = Quick, Mess-Free Relief

  • Affordable, Long-Lasting Aromatherapy

  • GM/MS Tested for Purity

Each Poiēma Pocket Pack comes with 5 premium blends for any scenario.

Feel your worries melt away with this balancing, powerful essential oils blend that can be used day or night.

Head Space:
Soothing blend of peppermint and lavender. Let it create that calm headspace that your soul deeply deserves.

Help ease aches from sore muscles and joint pain associated with arthritis, sprains, backache, and bruises.

Finally take a deep breath without irritation. Temporarily ease coughs and throat irritations associated with colds.

Better Belly:
Give your tummy some comfort with this soothing blend that will help promote a healthy and happy gut.

Lavender: One of the most popular and powerful oils, this floral plant promotes relaxation, balance, and calmness.

Chamomile: Flowery and fresh, Chamomile is used to encourage rejuvenating rest and a calm state.

Grapefruit: An uplifting fragrance that will refresh and stimulate your mind and soul.

Bergamot: The fresh, light notes of this citrus fruit work to lift your spirits.

Orange: Cold-pressed from the peel of fresh, bright oranges deliver a cheerful aroma.

Lime: Zesty, aromatic cold-pressed oil is used to brighten moods and reinvigorate the spirit.

Eucalyptus: Earthy and refreshing, this essential extract leaves you feeling cool and stimulated.

Myrtle: This plant purifies and elevates your surroundings with its sweet and herbal scent.

1. Pick
Pick your favorite blend and roll on the palm of your hand.
2. Rub
Rub both hands together to distribute the oil.
3. Cup
Cup your hands over your nose and mouth and breathe deeply.
4. Hold
Hold your breath for a count of three, then exhale slowly and calmly.
5. Feel
Feel as the oils nourish your mind, body, and spirit.
6. Repeat
Repeat as often as you like.